Why Do Automobile Insurance Rates Seem to Be Rising? 
  • More collisions: more claims. Automobile insurance rates can be rising due to more drivers on the roads. More drivers on the roads cause more accidents costing the insurance company more. These costs are passed on to you in the form of automobile insurance rate hikes. 
  • Rising repair costs. High-tech safety features and computerized navigation systems, fancy back-up cameras help save lives, are convenient to have and fun to use, but are expensive to repair. 

Tips to Help Lower Your Automobile Insurance Rates 
Although this seems like a troubling trend in 2018, there are still ways to keep your rates down: 
  1. Car Insurance Discounts: Maximize your automobile insurance discounts. Safety features, low-mileage, add drivers to your policy, celebrate your teen driver’s good grades. As the discounts are applied to your policy, watch your rates go down. Insurance companies may offer a 5 to 15% discount for driving less than 7,500 miles per year, a 10 to 25% multi-car discount, and 5 to 30% for safety features, such as anti-lock brakes, automatic seat belts, and airbags.
  2. Have All Drivers on Your Policy Keep a Clean Driving Record: A clean driving record can save you 5 to 15% on liability and collision coverage. No accidents or traffic violations will keep your driving record clean. Teen drivers can take a driver’s safety course to reduce their rates.
  3.  Increase Your Policy’s Deductible: Increasing your deductible can save you 15-40% on your car insurance. Before raising the deductibles too high in an attempt to lower your rates, keep in mind the cost of these discounts. Weigh them against what it will cost to repair or replace your vehicle.
  4. Check Your Credit Report Annually: Paying your bills on time and maintaining a solid credit history is priceless. It can even keep your automobile insurance rates lower.
  5. Shop For a Car With Safety in Mind: The fewer accidents people claim for a particular car model, the lower the automobile insurance rates will be. Research which cars have the reputation and safety features insurance companies discount.
  6. Bundle Your Insurance Policies: Purchase your home and auto insurance policies from the same provider. Bundling your policies can save you up to 20%.
  7. Pay Your Policy in Full: If you pay your policy in full before the effective date, you could earn a 5 to 10% discount.
  8. Drop Certain Coverages You May Not Need: You may not need medical coverage if you have private health insurance. Collision and comprehensive are optional. Collision pays for your car and comprehensive pays for the damages. If your car is worth less than $3,000 or over ten years old, you may not need to shell out the extra cash for these coverages.
  9. Let The Gordon Agency Shop Around for the Lowest Rates: The Gordon Agency works with many insurance companies, and we can shop around for you. We will consider the coverages you need, the deductibles you want, and the safety features you have to put you into a policy that saves you money. We will oversee your policy, checking for rate increases to ensure you are always paying the lowest rate possible.

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