Workers Compensation Insurance Boca Raton

Businesses in Florida are required by law to carry workers compensation insurance based on the number of employees they have and the industry in which the business operates.  This type of insurance coverage serves to protect your company from a lawsuit due to a workplace injury suffered on the job by an employee.  It also ensures that your employees are compensated for any lost time and wages they may suffer due to such an on-the-job injury.  If a worker is injured or killed on the job, then he or she (or his or her estate in the event of an on-the-job death) files a claim with a business’s workers compensation insurer.  The medical treatment and any lost earnings as a result of that workplace injury are then paid by the workers compensation insurer.

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Does My Business Need Workers Compensation Insurance?

Businesses that are in industries other than construction that have four or more employees (either full time or part time) are required to carry workers compensation insurance in Florida. Construction-related businesses are required to carry workers compensation coverage regardless of how many employees they may have given the higher risks of on-the-job injuries in that particular industry. A failure to carry workers compensation is a third-degree felony in Florida on the employer’s part. It can also be very expensive for the business if an employee is injured and files a lawsuit against the business, which is then left on its own to pay for the costs of its defense as well as any award, settlement or jury verdict that the injured worker may receive. 

Mitigate Risk with Workers Compensation Insurance

The workers compensation specialists at the Gordon Agency can help to mitigate risk for your business by helping you to obtain workers compensation coverage that complies with the minimum requirements set by Florida law while at the same time ensuring that your premiums are as low as possible.  Just like we do with all the insurance coverages that we offer, our agents scour the wide network of insurers that we work with to obtain the best workers compensation coverage for you and your business at the best possible price.  Let us help your business to meet its obligations to carry workers compensation coverage by contacting us today.

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