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Life insurance coverage is something that everyone needs but no one ever wants to think or talk about.  Life insurance provides a safeguard for those who are financially dependent upon you in the event of your death.  It gives you peace of mind to know that those who are most dear to you will be protected and financially secure.  Life insurance is perhaps more important than having any other type of insurance.  It is also a vital tool of financial planning for every person, even those who may not have children or dependents that will survive them.

Determining the amount of the policy that you need can be bewildering, but an experienced insurance agent like those at The Gordon Agency in Boca Raton can help to provide you with tools to guide you in determining the right of amount of coverage for you and your family.  You also need not worry that your application for life insurance will be denied if you are in less-than-perfect health. Each insurance company has its own set of criteria when underwriting a policy so it is necessary to consider multiple companies when attempting to procure this coverage.  Your application may be denied by one insurer for a particular health condition, but it may be approved at a favorable rating by another that views the same health condition differently from a risk management perspective.  The experienced life insurance agents at The Gordon Agency are familiar with helping people with health conditions that caused them difficulties in getting insured in the past to obtain the  coverage they need at a price they can afford.

Why Life Insurance is So Essential

Unfortunately, sometimes catastrophes happen. The main breadwinner in your family could be tragically killed in a motor vehicle accident, and, once your loved ones have sorted through the funeral and try to piece their lives back together, they may find they can no longer pay the mortgage or any of the other expenses that are a part of everyday life. In short, life insurance exists to provide protection in situations just like this. No one wants to consider such a tragedy could or would occur, but the importance of protection against the unforeseen cannot be overstated. Protection for your family is there when you most need it.

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    How We Approach Life Insurance at The Gordon Agency

    We will perform a detailed analysis of your particular insurance needs, given your family situation and your specific financial needs, in order to determine the amount of coverage that is right for you.  The purpose of a life policy is to put your family and dependents in the same position they would have been in absent your death.  This is a complicated calculation that the life insurance experts at The Gordon Agency have done hundreds of times, and we can do the same for you and your family.  Don’t try to work it out on your own; let our professionals guide you in making sure that you and your family are adequately protected.

    What if I Have Health Issues?

    Many people assume they will be turned down for life insurance simply because they may have a medical condition or health problem.  The first thing to know about obtaining insurance coverage is not to be discouraged simply because you may have a health condition.  This does not automatically disqualify you from obtaining protection for your family.  There are carriers that want to cover you and want your business, and it is our job as experienced life insurance agents to find and select the right carrier at the right level of coverage for you.

    Many different insurance carriers specialize in placing coverage for people with different types of risks.  One insurer may believe that your health condition is less of a risk than another carrier.  Consequently, that carrier will give you a better rating and charge you a lower premium for the same amount of coverage than a rival carrier.  Even if one carrier may deny you, it is worth applying to other carriers simultaneously because you may qualify for a better rating and consequently receive better coverage at a more reasonable price.

    Trust the Experienced Life Insurance Agents at The Gordon Agency

    Life insurance is a highly charged, emotional topic for many people. The experienced insurance professionals at The Gordon Agency have helped thousands of satisfied clients to obtain life insurance coverage sufficient to protect them in the event something catastrophic happens to their family. We even routinely do this for those who are not in the best of health. That is why it is important that the experienced Florida life insurance agents at The Gordon Agency have access to so many highly insurers. We can use our relationships with many different carriers to shop your file and secure for you the best coverage at the most economical rate.  

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