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People who rent rather than own their homes may think they have little need for insurance to protect themselves and their belongings. Renters insurance (H04 policy) protects personal property in case it is destroyed in a fire, stolen or other damage. It is recommended to also have some liability insurance to protect themselves from being sued by a third party due to negligence, even though they do not own the building or home in which they reside. They may believe they are not responsible if the building burns down or if someone breaks into the building and steals everything inside or if someone is hurt in the apartment, condo or the home they rent.  This could not be further from the truth.  

If a fire burns down the apartment building in which you are renting a unit, it is true that it is likely the landlord who is on the hook for the loss of the building.  However, your landlord’s insurance likely will not cover any losses of your own personal property that was lost in the blaze as the landlord’s tenant.  In addition, if someone who was at your rented apartment falls while visiting you, is injured and then has to seek medical treatment for his or her injuries, any insurance carried by your landlord likely will not protect you in the event the injured person sues you in connection with his or her injuries.   

Therefore, if you are a renter in Florida, it is imperative that you procure renters insurance not only to protect your personal possessions in the event something occurs to your rental home but also to protect yourself from liability if someone happens to injure him or herself in or on the premises that you rent.  The experienced Florida renters insurance agents at The Gordon Agency can assist you in obtaining the best insurance coverage at the most economical price.   We work with a variety of different insurance carriers that offer renter’s insurance, and we can obtain the most comprehensive coverage for you at the best price.   

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    Renters Insurance Provides Coverage for Your Personal Property

    Even if you are a renter, you have insurance coverage needs for your personal property that is contained within the actual apartment, condominium or house that you rent from someone else. This could be everything from items that carry a substantial amount of sentimental value like a family heirloom or antiques to your jewelry, computer or other items that have an (often considerable) value associated with them. Thus, even as a renter, it is important to bear in mind all of your personal belongings and what it would cost to replace everything in your rental home or residence if a fire, theft or some other loss occurred and your personal property was destroyed or stolen. This portion of renters insurance is known as contents coverage and is absolutely essential given that it is completely outside your control what measures your landlord may take to ensure, for example, that all fire sprinklers are operational and your apartment building is properly fire-proofed. What is in your control is the ability to insure your personal property and that is where renters insurance comes in. 

    Renters Insurance Also Provides Liability Coverage

    There also is an important liability aspect to renters insurance that should not be ignored: if someone visits your apartment and is hurt, renters insurance provides protection to you if you are then sued by this third party for their injuries.  As an example, if someone trips over a rug that is sticking up at the entrance to your apartment, falls down and breaks his or her ankle, and then files a lawsuit against you, renters insurance will pay both the costs of your defense (i.e., hire a lawyer for you and pay for that lawyer) and then will also pay for the settlement or jury verdict that results as a result of the third party’s claim.  Renters insurance thus has your back in situations where it may be alleged that your own negligence caused someone else’s injuries.  This way you are not bearing this cost out of your own pocket.

    Obtaining Renters Insurance through The Gordon Agency

    South Florida is one of the most expensive places to live in the country. Therefore, a substantial percentage of the population rents rather than owns their homes. At The Gordon Agency a large proportion of our clients are renters versus homeowners. We therefore have extensive experience in assisting our clients in selecting the most appropriate renters insurance coverage for them. As an independent insurance agency working with multiple strong insurance carriers, we can also get you the best coverage at the best price.  

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