Products & Completed Operations Insurance Boca Raton

Products & Completed Operations insurance is a type of coverage that many businesses that produce goods or services will commonly carry.  It protects the business if, after delivering a finished product or service to its ultimate customer, a third party then suffers some sort of injury (whether a physical injury or some sort of property damage) as a result of the insured’s products or operations. Most often, it is frequently carried by contractors and businesses that manufacture, distribute or sell goods.  This insurance coverage kicks in only after your business has completed manufacturing a product or providing a service, and it turns out there is some problem with the good or service that either leads to injuries, property damage or an insurance claim or a lawsuit later on.

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Do I need Products & Completed Operations Insurance?

For example, if your company, a pipe laying business that is often called in as a subcontractor on jobs throughout South Florida, lays a section of pipe that ends up failing after your work on a commercial construction project is already complete, causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in property damage due to flooding, products and completed operations insurance coverage may step in to cover the damages of all of those property owners, tenants or other third parties whose property and/or premises was damaged as a result of that flooding. The same logic would apply if you own a small business that builds scaffolding to be used on construction sites. If you build scaffolding, complete your work on the site, pack your things up and leave and two weeks later the scaffolding collapses, causing its boards to damage a partially completed portion of the construction site, this coverage may become operative to cover the damages caused as a result of that scaffolding failing.

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At The Gordon Agency, many of our clients are businesses and small business owners who are in the construction field or other industries in which products and completed operations is a particularly important insurance coverage that features in their overall risk management program.  Our experienced Florida insurance professionals can meet with you to discuss your business, what potential risks you may face, and whether products and completed operations coverage is right for you and your business.  If it turns out that this insurance coverage is a good fit for your business, then our experienced agents at The Gordon Agency can shop the many insurers with whom we have relationships to procure your coverage for you at the best possible price.

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