Business Interruption Insurance Boca Raton

Business interruption insurance is a form of insurance coverage that serves to protect the loss of income or revenue that a business may suffer after some sort of disaster.  It is a must-have for businesses that are located in one of the most disaster-prone areas of the country: South Florida.  It provides vital protection for businesses to ensure that a disaster does not bring your business to its knees.  Business interruption insurance will compensate you for any time and revenue that you lose out on during the time that you are unable to carry on business as a result of a disaster.

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Why Have Business Interruption Insurance?

The unfortunate truth of living in South Florida is that our area is uniquely positioned to be affected by hurricanes and other natural disasters. In the wake of a hurricane, it may be days before the power comes back on and your business is able to re-open and get its operations back up and running and before you can earn revenue again. Meanwhile, the work and orders may be piling up while you are waiting for your power to be restored or, even worse, your customers may be turning to other suppliers to help them meet their own deadlines while your business is recovering from a hurricane. If you have business interruption insurance, your fears may be assuaged, because you can make a claim for that lost income caused by the hurricane by putting your business out of commission for days or even weeks.

High Tech Businesses Must Consider Business Interruption Insurance

The South Florida area also has become a hub for high-tech businesses in recent years, which depend on reliable and lightning fast Internet connections to do business.  However, even a few days off either the power grid or a loss of access to the Internet due to a hurricane or other disaster can literally spell disaster for such businesses.  However, this is the case no matter what industry your business is operating in.  At The Gordon Agency, we understand the demands of being connected in order to do business and have worked with numerous businesses of all kinds and sizes in different industries to ensure their businesses are not adversely impacted by natural disasters.

Ask The Gordon Agency if you Need Business Interruption Insurance

Hurricanes and other natural disasters are a fact of life in South Florida. When they come, they often knock out power for days (if not weeks) on end. Meanwhile, your customers in other parts of the country or world may be depending on you to fulfill orders or complete a contract. The experienced insurance professionals at the Gordon Agency understand the reality of what it means to suffer losses in business income and revenue as a result of disasters like hurricanes, which is why we are such strong believers in business interruption insurance. If your business is in need of protection in the event of the inevitable–that a large storm strikes South Florida and puts everyone out of commission for days or weeks on end–contact The Gordon Agency to discuss your business interruption insurance coverage options today. Leveraging our broad network of strong insurance carriers, we will find you the coverage you need for a price that you can afford.  

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