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The Gordon Agency also regularly works with our business clients in order to assist them in securing business liability insurance coverage.  Business liability coverage protects your business from any lawsuits, insurance claims or other liabilities that may arise in the normal course of doing business.  Different businesses face different risks, but what all businesses have in common is that they face liability risks that need to be managed.  Business liability insurance, and having the right kind and amount of coverage for your business and the specific risks it faces, is the most important risk management step that you can take to protect your business and its assets.  Your business can be liable for any number of scenarios that may trigger a lawsuit or insurance claim against your business.  You therefore need to ensure that you are protected, no matter what may occur that can negatively affect your business.

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Why Have Business Liability Insurance?

For example, someone may slip and fall on the floor at your business and then sue the business in connection with the injuries that person suffered as a result of the incident. A person hit by a company van driven by an employee who was on the clock may sue your business for thousands of dollars in resulting medical treatment and tens of thousands of dollars in other economic losses and pain and suffering. In either scenario, business liability insurance would step in to provide you with a defense for any lawsuit that the injured person may file as well as protection for any settlement or jury verdict that may be rendered against your business. In a world of uncertain occurrences and risks, comprehensive risk management gives you the protection and peace of mind that your business will not be ruined due to one lawsuit or insurance claim filed by someone against your business as a result of a freak occurrence. 

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Let the expert  insurance agents at The Gordon Agency located in Boca Raton assist you in obtaining the most comprehensive business liability coverage at the best price.  We work with our clients to determine the particular business risks they may face and then use that information and analysis to obtain the best, most comprehensive risk management plan for them.  Our independent status allows us to shop your business to a number of different carriers with which we have affiliations in order to get the best coverage for you at a price that cannot be beat.

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