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The Gordon Agency regularly works with businesses and business owners of all different sizes in all different industries to assist them in meeting all of their business insurance needs.  Whether you are a roofing contractor with two employees who are in need of worker’s compensation coverage or general liability insurance or a healthcare institution with thousands of employees that is in need of professional liability insurance or business interruption insurance, we can match you with a carrier and an insurance product that will meet all of your business’s insurance coverage needs. 

What Types of Business Insurance
Might We Need?

Our experienced commercial insurance specialists regularly work with our clients to obtain comprehensive insurance coverages such as Commercial General Liability, Business Interruption, Worker’s Compensation, business liability, products and completed operations, and other insurance coverages that businesses need to protect themselves, their operations and their assets. We represent a number of different carriers, each of which specializes in offering different types of insurance products and coverages. We can mix and match carriers as a part of an overall insurance coverage strategy for your business to ensure that your business is covered in every way possible. This also enables us to obtain the most comprehensive coverage for our business clients without breaking the bank.

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    Commercial General Liability Insurance

    Commercial general liability insurance (also known as general liability insurance) provides a business with liability insurance coverage for a wide variety of different scenarios. These include bodily or personal injury, which includes injuries to a third party at your business or injuries due to the actions of an employee. Thus, if an employee accidentally injures a customer at your store while taking something down from a shelf, commercial general liability coverage would kick in to cover your business from a lawsuit that customer may file. Commercial general liability also covers property damage that may be caused by your business’s employees, such as if he or she is working at a client site and accidentally does something that damages the client’s equipment. In the event of a lawsuit against the business, commercial general liability insurance coverage can also include the costs of defending against lawsuits that your business may face as well as any damages that the business is ultimately deemed to be liable for. Business owners in Florida have a choice regarding insurance deductibles and policy limits within their commercial general liability coverage, so the scope of what is available is wide open. The insurance experts at The Gordon Agency can work with you to tailor commercial general liability coverage for your business’s unique needs for a price your business can afford.

    Worker’s Compensation Insurance

    Every business also is required by Florida law to carry worker’s compensation insurance. Worker’s compensation insurance is required for any Florida business with at least four full- or part-time employees. For the construction industry, worker’s compensation is required for any construction business with just one full- or part-time employee. The penalties for not carrying worker’s compensation insurance can be particularly severe. We also offer products and completed operations coverage, which exists to protect your business in the event something goes wrong with the product or service that you provided after your business’s work on a project is complete. For example, if your business is a subcontractor that did work on the early part of a large construction job site but part of the work that you did fails, causing ensuing damage to other subcontractors’ work, products and completed operations coverage may be able protect your business from bankruptcy. At The Gordon Agency, we work with a variety of different carriers to ensure that our clients receive the best coverage at the lowest price.  

    Business Interruption Insurance

    Depending on what business or industry you are in, there may also be particular coverages unique to your business or industry that you will need. For example, a digital company may need protection in the event something occurs to take down the company’s servers, its website or important systems. Even a single day in this scenario with an interrupted connection may cause significant business losses or lost revenue. Business interruption insurance helps protect from lost revenue or other losses in the event of an outage or interruption in your business’s ability to complete its normal operations.

    Comprehensive Risk Management Plan

    Contact the insurance specialists at The Gordon Agency located in Boca Raton today to help you meet your Florida commercial insurance needs today. We assess your company to understand the exact needs so we can write a put a comprehensive risk management program in place and all of the appropriate insurance coverages necessary given your particular business, industry and situation. We work with numerous insurance carriers that offer various coverage options that your business may need, and we can shop your business’s application to ensure that we get you the best coverage for the most economical price. Contact our experienced commercial insurance agents today at The Gordon Agency to discuss your needs.  

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