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Florida is a recreational vehicle (RV) paradise. The state has hundreds of campgrounds and recreational vehicle resorts where Florida residents or individuals from out of state can park their recreational vehicles, camp and enjoy themselves. The Gordon Agency is experienced in working with clients who own RVs to help meet their unique RV insurance needs for these particular vehicles.  There are a wide variety of recreational vehicles, almost all of which come with different insurance coverage issues.  Some types of recreational vehicles are more prone to damage than others due to their size or the way they are used by their owners, while other types of RVs may require more or special kinds of insurance coverage.

RV Insurance:
Not a One Size Fits All Solution

Simply put, RV insurance is not a one-size-fits-all solution. For your recreational vehicle insurance, therefore, you need a customized coverage solution that is unique to you, your RV and how you use that RV. The Gordon Agency has extensive experience working with clients who have different kinds of recreational vehicles, who use them differently and thus have different recreational vehicle insurance coverage needs. Working with the numerous insurers with whom we have relationships, we have the ability to offer our clients the right coverages at the right prices for their recreational vehicles.  

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    What Type of RV Do You Have?

    Due to the fact that every recreational vehicle is unique, and every RV owner uses his or her vehicle differently, not every RV insurance policy or insurance coverage that can be applied to recreational vehicles is created equally.  Some RVs are extremely tall and frequently scrape bridges with low overhangs or may be more prone to suffering certain types of property damage than other types of RVs.  One owner may use his or her RV much more frequently than another, whereas another may use his or her recreational vehicle to regularly go off the beaten path or in more dangerous circumstances in which losses are more likely than another.  Therefore, one RV owner may need more liability insurance, while another may need more insurance coverage in the event that his or her recreational vehicle suffers damage of some sort.  It is thus important for an insurance agent or broker to carefully consider the recreational vehicle owner’s particular situation when selecting insurance coverage.

    What RV Coverages Do You Need?

    Just like motor vehicle insurance, RV insurance offers a variety of different protections for those who own or use RVs.  There is liability coverage, which protects you if someone else is injured due to an accident involving your RV.  Collision coverage pays for damage to your RV regardless of who is at fault.  Comprehensive coverage can help to pay for repairs or complete replacement of your RV if it is damaged due to a fire, severe weather like hail or a hurricane, is vandalized or is stolen.

    There are also several types of coverages available that are unique to recreational vehicles that many insurance agents don’t even quote. Campsite and vacation insurance provide coverage in the event your RV is damaged at a campground or RV resort.  Full-timer coverage offers insurance coverage that is almost like homeowners’ insurance for those who may live in their RV or spend long periods of time traveling the state or country using their RV.

    Unfortunately, there are not many insurance agents who are familiar with the various types of coverages available to RV owners and certainly not as familiar as the agents at The Gordon Agency. Without an experienced agent who knows about the many kinds of coverages available for recreational vehicles, you may find yourself seriously underinsured or paying a lot of money unnecessarily for coverage you do not need in the event something occurs to your RV or while you or someone else is using your RV.

    Our Experience with RV Insurance

    The Gordon Agency has worked with numerous owners of recreational vehicles in order to meet their insurance needs. We can work with you to determine the best level of coverage for your particular situation and then shop your coverage to multiple insurers with whom we have strong relationships to guarantee that you end up with the best and most appropriate coverage at a reasonable price. This is one of the many benefits of working with an independent agency: we can select from a number of strong insurers, enabling us to search out the best for the benefit of our clients in helping them to meet their insurance needs. Whether you own a camper that you attach to your pickup truck once per year or a recreational vehicle that you take out on the road every month, the experienced RV insurance agents at the Gordon Agency can assist in meeting your RV insurance needs.

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