Water Damage Coverage

Water damage claims are the second largest frequent insurance claims after wind damage. Ensure your water damage claims are paid by understanding the coverage you have. Floridians need solid coverage and to be especially aware since they are in a hurricane-prone state, surrounded by water. 

Many homeowners may not understand their insurance policies and have a lot of questions regarding water damage and what is and what is not covered. There are many types of water damage types that are excluded from most policies; such as gradual or sudden damage, accidental discharge, sewer backup, overflow, or flood. 

Older Homes

Adding to exclusions, homeowners with homes over 40 years old are becoming shunned by insurance companies. Many property insurers in Florida are raising premiums and excluding coverage on homes over 40 years old to keep Homeowners rates affordable and to have the financial resources when their policyholders have an emergency.  

Many of those companies are offering $10,000 in limited water damage coverage as an alternative option, however when water damage can cause tens of thousands in damage to floors, ceilings, walls, and the home’s contents, this change leaves many policyholders unable to afford the repair in their homes caused by water damage.

Homes under 40 years will still be covered for water damage, however homeowners with homes over 40 years old will have the option to purchase $10,000 in water damage coverage and existing policyholders will see this limited coverage added to their renewing policies automatically or they can they can remove the coverage entirely for a significant savings on their insurance premium. 

Home over 40 years old will be excluded from water damage caused by plumbing, heating, air conditioning units, appliances, and sprinkler systems. This water damage exclusion will be felt strongly in South Florida where homes are older than in other parts of the state. 

Some insurance companies are attempting to control who repairs a home to keep premium costs lower for policyholders.

Kenneth Duboff, an attorney based in North Miami says,Sadly, many homeowners probably won’t become aware of the change until “one day a burst pipe that has been hidden behind a wall or underneath the floor suddenly causes thousands of dollars worth of damage.” He added, “That type of catastrophe is exactly what a homeowner’s insurance policy should cover and the homeowners would reasonably expect to be insured against.”

Lee Jacobsen, vice chair of the Florida Justice Association’s property insurance legislative committee. “The pendulum has swung lately to [state regulators] letting companies do what they please,” he said, “and it’s only after a storm hits that we’re going to realize what’s been taken away.”

The Gordon Agency works with many insurance agencies and can provide water damage coverage. Know your limits, explore your options,work with the right insurance agency. Using The Gordon Agency ensures you are protected by the best.

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