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Personal Umbrella Policy or better known as a PUP – is protection for when the unexpected happens.

Personal Umbrella Policy

PUP Policies

You do not have to be a millionaire to get sued like one.   In today’s complex world there are many unfortunate events that can expose your assets. 

Whether in your home, on the road or even online, there is a potential for an accident or an incident that can lead to a large and potentially devastating liability claim.  Your auto or home policy limits might not be high enough the exposure. A PUP provides the extra protection needed to cover large claims and sometimes even more important legal expenses.

A PUP can benefit most everyone- Do any of these sound like you?

  • Have high net worth household
  • Own a second home
  • Have high risk hobbies such as hunting 
  • Own recreational vehicles (boat, motorcycle, ATV, campers)
  • Have Children 
  • Own a dog
  • Hire people to work in your home (babysitters, cleaning services, gardeners)
  • Travel regularly
  • Own Rental property 
  • Coach Youth Sports Team
  • Host guests at your home
  • Own a pool, trampoline, tree house or other recreational structure
  • Have a teen or an elderly driver in the household

A PUP is typically available in increments from $1 million up to $5 million to help protect your assets such as your home(s) retirement accounts, college savings and future earnings. A PUP policy is an affordable option. 

Imagine one of the following unexpected events:

  • Your teen driver causes an accident injuring multiple people while texting
  • Your dog bites a neighbor or guest at your home
  • A slip and fall at your pool while hosting a birthday party
  • Your child gets a bit carried away on social media 
  • Your uncle falls off your trampoline while trying to impress the young kids

The Gordon Agency

The Gordon Agency works with many insurance agencies and can provide the perfect bundling package. Know your limits, explore your options,work with the right insurance agency. Using The Gordon Agency ensures you are protected by the best.

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This is the home of Florida’s Insurance Professionals. We are a multi-line independent agency that provides insurance solutions for both personal, and commercial lines. Combining decades of relationship building with motivated licensed insurance agents to provide coverage options for all of your insurance needs.  Our team of agents relies on our education, integrity, experience, and attention to detail to accurately assess each opportunity and to offer the optimal solutions for all of our clients. We are dedicated to matching the right product for every situation, always at the best price available. Call us at 561-988-3330, visit our website or paste our address in your browser https://tgafl.com/.


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