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Why Bundling Your Insurance Policies Saves You Time and Money!

Bundling Insurance Policies

Bundling Your Home and Auto Insurance Policies

You can earn discounted rates, saving money, when you bundle your home, auto insurance, and other insurance spolicies with the same carrier. 

The Gordon Agency does not strictly sell homeowners or auto insurance. In fact, we sell multiple types of insurance policies to cover all of your possessions and try to bundle your policies together to save you money.

Having a one-stop insurance shop is convenient for your insurance needs and The Gordon Agency works with multiple carriers  to offer companion discounts when you purchase multiple policies with us.

Bundling Your Home and Auto Policies Saves You Money

Ideally, bundling your homeowners and auto insurance with the same company with save you more money than if you purchased policies at two different companies. Bundling under one carrier can lead to serious discounts on your policies. These savings are typically called multi-policy and companion discounts and can save customers 20% to 30% on their premiums. These discounts vary by state.

Bundling may not only save you money on premiums, it can offer strategic savings if you are involved in an accident or suffer a catastrophic circumstance. Bundling allows you to file one claim and pay one deductible since the event may involve both your car and home and you are insured with the same company for both.

Bundling Your Home and Auto Policies is Convenient

Bundling multiple  insurance policies cuts down on paperwork and time spent logging in to find information about multiple policies. You will spend less time finding answers because The Gordon Agency will be handling all of your policies. Your agent will be familiar with your policies and what coverages you might need for future purchases. Bundling makes getting additional coverage, adding riders, and applying discounts so much simpler.

Bundling Your Home and Auto Policies Offers Unique Product Tiers

The Gordon Agency offers product tiers for complex bundles. If you have a car, home, RV, boat, and rental property, we offer you a one policy package. These product tiers give you just one bill and deductible and cut down on paperwork.

Bundling Your Home and Auto Policies is a Great Idea if You Live in a High-Risk Home

Loyalty pays off. If you have multiple policies with one carrier, you are less likely to be dropped. If you live in a high-risk home, whether in a hurricane zone, high crime area, or on a fault-line, you will be safe from having your policy dropped. Carriers will not want to drop you from one policy and risk losing you as a customer altogether.

The Gordon Agency works with many insurance agencies and can provide the perfect bundling package. and. Know your limits, explore your options,work with the right insurance agency. Using The Gordon Agency ensures you are protected by the best.

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