Buying car insurance for the first time can be confusing, but it shouldn’t be.Researching and paying for car insurance can be overwhelming for college students. Whether someone is buying their own insurance policy  or being added to their parent’s policy, this guide was written to help college students understand how car insurance works.

The cost of car insurance is higher for college-aged kids between the ages of 18 and 22 because they are riskier to insure. Because of the higher cost, it is important to weigh being on an individual plan vs. staying on a family policy.

Questions to Ask Yourself:

Where are you living?

While a vehicle can provide freedom, convenience, and opportunities to travel and simply get around quicker, college costs can add up quickly. It is important to decide if bringing a car to college is really the best idea.

Living on-campus in a dormitory or off-campus in a large city can make a difference in the cost of the policy. College-aged students should consider all parking fees, how often and far they will be driving, and other non-financial burdens like unpredictable traffic.

Advantages to Staying on a Family Policy:


The rates may be lower to stay on a family plan since college-aged kids often do not get the same discounts that their parents have earned  Home ownership, great credit history and multi car discounts are a few examples.


It is certainly easier to stay on a family policy and manage that one policy. Another advantage is being insured if they drive their parent’s vehicles when they are home for breaks.


Many college-aged students have not built up credit since they have never purchased a car or owned a credit card. Because their credit scores can be lower than their parents.


Staying on a family policy may save them money. College-aged students will qualify for discounts if they maintain good grades.

Protection Outside of Driving

Relying on rides from friends or biking around campus? It makes sense to stay on a family plan with personal injury protection and uninsured motorist coverage. Personal injury protection provides medical payments for passengers injured in any car, as a pedestrian, or cyclist. Uninsured motorist coverage provides protection for drivers and passengers involved in an accident with an uninsured or underinsured driver.

Advantages to Getting Your Own Insurance Policy:

Owning Your Own Vehicle

Having a vehicle titled in your name will mean you need to purchase an automobile insurance policy.

Living in a Different State

While many states allow out-of-state students to remain on their family plans provided they share a primary residence with their family. Others require you to purchase your own policy. If you live off-campus and the primary residence is out of state, you will need to purchase your own policy.

Insurance Terms

Liability Coverage

All states require liability coverage and the foundation of any auto insurance policy. If a driver is at fault in an accident, liability coverage helps cover property and bodily injury costs.

Collision Coverage

Collision coverage is required if you are leasing or financing a vehicle and helps pay to replace or repair a vehicle if it collides with another vehicle or object. Collision coverage is determined by a deductible, the amount you pay before your coverage helps pay a claim.

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive coverage involves everything other than collision and covers damage resulting from theft, weather, and vandalism. Comprehensive is optional unless a lender requires it for leased or financed vehicles.

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