Customers looking to buy insurance should know how to buy insurance based on value, not price. Buyers should not buy insurance based on price alone, but must also think about the value of their buying insurance. 

If customers buy insurance based on price alone:

  1. There will always be companies with lower rates.
  2. Customers who buy for price alone will purchase or replace a policy as soon as they find a lower rate.
  3. Call centers and websites can quickly quote lower prices.

While sales are essential, selling on price alone can be a downfall to your company.

8 Tips on Buying Insurance Because of the Value

  1. Claims – Customers should look for an agency that helps their clients through the claims process as quickly and smoothly as possible. Lower priced policies do not offer the most hands-on customer support.
  2. Inquire About Past Purchases – Customers need to think about how they purchased their vehicle or home. Most will rarely say because it was the cheapest. Most people know they get what they pay for and know reviews and ratings matter. Remember to make value-based decisions.
  3. What is Your Communication Preference? – Do you prefer speaking directly with your agent or meeting face-to-face? Insurance agencies who value their customers and offer great customer service offer benefits to other companies that lower prices.
  4. Discounts – People love deals. A hard-working insurance agent will inform you of all the discounts you are entitled to if you bundle your policies, quit smoking, or have taken a defensive drivers course, you may be eligible to save money.                        
  5. Experience – Experience is everything, and The Gordon Agency has years of experience selling various types of insurance products. We can help guide you in purchasing the best insurance policies to suit your needs. Mention your continuing education and showcase your licenses and awards.
  6. Having a Personal Insurance Agent is Priceless – Your customers need to know that having a personal insurance agent is not more expensive. Private insurance agents can offer so much in the way of support in many different areas.
  7. Know Why Purchasing an Insurance Policy is So Important – Not buying an insurance policy or higher coverage limits can be very costly. Remember, you are protecting yourself and your belongings with insurance.
  8. Don’t Buy a Policy Based on Price – Everyone wants to save money, but remember, nice things cost more. Believe you get what you pay for in almost all instances. 

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