Water is Everywhere – How Can You Protect Yourself

Florida is a state known for its sunshine and oceans. We drink, bathe, and swim in water – it is necessary for all living things. As wonderful as water is, we do not expect it to damage our possessions. Becoming a victim of water damage is increased living in Florida, a state surrounded by water.

Appliances, storms, faulty plumbing, and roof leaks are common causes of water damage that lead to homeowners submitting insurance claims. It is essential to know which water damage claims are covered and which are not so that you can protect yourself.

Homeowners may see their insurance premiums decrease when sub-limits on water damage or water damage exclusions are applied, but they will be ultimately responsible for any loss or repairs which is a definite downside to a lower premium.

Water Damage and Protecting Yourself by Knowing What is and What is Not Covered

Most standard policies cover water damage that is sudden or accidental.

Most Standard Homeowners Insurance Policies Cover Water Damage Caused by:

  • Sewer backup and overflow (sub-limits may apply)
  • Water damage that is storm-related
  • Appliance leaks
  • Plumbing malfunctions

It is essential to review your policy to understand what is included, so there are no surprises. If you have sudden or accidental water damage, there is a high probability it will be covered if you haven’t elected a policy with water damage limitations.

Standard insurance policies do not typically cover gradual damage, which occurs slowly over time. Homes are complex structures with pipes, electrical wiring, and many unexposed parts. These systems are not exposed, making it virtually impossible to detect when something is going wrong.

A long-standing problem that causes damage is not sudden or accidental and will most likely not be covered.

Gradual Damage Can be Caused by:

  • Damage to walls, ceilings, or floors caused by leaky pipes, faucets, or plumbing.
  • Damage caused by seepage entering your home from cracks in the foundation.
  • A deteriorating roof in need of repair.
  • Mold or corrosion.
  • Electrical wiring in need of repair.

Your insurance company may deny a claim because while the damage may appear new to you, it may have been gradual damage.

Your insurance agent is the best person to help you understand if the damage you have is covered or not. They can review your policy to explain the coverages you have and any exclusions.

Water Damage Exceptions on Most Homeowners Insurance Policies

All policies exclude wear and tear and gradual damage unless an endorsement has been added. However, there may be exceptions.

  • Mold related damage claims – It is essential to consult with your insurance representative to inquire and find out if your policy has a provision for mold remediation coverage or to add mold remediation coverage to your policy.
  • Broken pipes or water tanks – If a pipe breaks from wear and tear causing a leak, the parts of the pipe will not be covered by a claim, but the damage caused by the water may be.


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