In 2018, nearly 750,000 cars were stolen in the United States. While that is just a .23% chance, it is important to know if your insurance policy will cover automobile theft? In the unfortunate and unlikely event your vehicle is stolen, it is important to be prepared with several documents, such as your license vehicle registration and insurance card.

You must fill out a police report with a list of personal items left in the car, for most insurance companies to accept your claim. Insurance companies may ask you who had access to the car and where extra keys were kept. There are various types of theft and you will need to read and understand your policy to know if your particular automobile insurance policy covers theft.

Will My Car Insurance Policy Provide Coverage For a Stolen Car?

Comprehensive coverage is not required in every state, so it is important to check with your insurer whether you have this coverage or need to add it. If you lease or finance your vehicle, many lenders will require you to have comprehensive coverage since they technically own the vehicle. You can purchase comprehensive insurance to add onto your individual policy to cover the vehicle if it is stolen. Other items that are stolen from inside the vehicle may be covered on your home or business insurance policy.

Comprehensive coverage includes damage that is not caused by collision or natural disasters. Comprehensive coverage will reimburse you for the value of the vehicle at the time of the loss minus any applicable deductible. Theft insurance is an added cost, but low compared to the full cost to replace a vehicle if yours was ever stolen.

Will Car Insurance Cover Theft of Personal Items?

Comprehensive insurance may cover the cost of your vehicle, but it will not cover the belongings inside the vehicle. The best way to insure your personal belongings is through a renters or homeowners policy. Homeowners policies do set a limit on personal property and apply to ordinary household items. High value electronics and jewelry should be scheduled on a policy to be properly covered.

What Do I Do If My Vehicle is Stolen?

If your car is stolen, it is important to take quick action, so you can begin the process of having your insurance claim(s) processed in a timely manner.

1. File a police report: Contact the police and file a report as soon you learn that your vehicle has been stolen. It is wise to know the make, model, color, plate number, and the car’s special features.

2. Make a list of the items in your car: While your memory is still fresh, you will also want to report any personal belongings left in the vehicle when it was stolen.

3. File an auto insurance claim with your agent. They can guide you with the claim process You will need to let your insurer know the information included in the required police report.

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