Do you know which rooms are the most dangerous rooms in your house? We can tell you how to make them safer. Whether you have small children, a big family, or live alone, you want to feel secure in your own home. Learning about preventing hazardous conditions can help you avoid potential injuries at home.

At The Gordon Agency, our independent homeowners insurance agency in Boca Raton, Florida, we want to help protect you, your loved ones, and your valuable items. Below, we discuss how you can make the most dangerous parts of your home safer to prevent accidents.

If someone still gets hurt despite your implementation of such safety measures, our homeowners policy includes liability coverage for any accidents that might occur on your property. Call us today at (561) 988-3330 for a quote.

Kitchen Dangers and Safety Measures

The kitchen is one of the most obviously dangerous areas in your home, though you can reduce your injury risk by practicing extra caution. Here are the most common kitchen hazards and how you can avoid them:

  • Boiling water: While you cannot avoid boiling water altogether, you can wear extra heat protectant mittens while handling boiling pots. Always leave a boiling pot’s handle facing away from you, and keep your distance when stirring its contents.
  • Dull knives: Dull knives may sound safer than sharp ones, but they may actually lead to more accidents if the blade slips. Regularly sharpen your knives or buy new ones whenever you feel a bit of resistance while cutting. If you have to apply too much pressure to cut through the food, you may risk severe injury to your fingers.
  • Gas stove ranges: All stovetops can create dangers, though gas ranges increase fire risks. Keep non-fire-safe materials away from your cooking area, and learn how to put out grease fires in order to be prepared to protect your home and your loved ones. You should always keep stove and oven knobs out of reach from any small children.
  • Glass interacting with high heat: Glass can expand and explode when it suddenly changes temperatures. A casserole dish might hold up fine in the oven, though it may shatter broken glass everywhere if you place it directly atop a hot burner.
  • Cleaning products: You should always store all cleaning products in a closed cabinet that children cannot access. Be sure to keep each bottle’s original labels, and do not allow these strong and often dangerously incompatible chemicals to mix.
  • Cross-contamination: When certain food bacteria come in contact with kitchen surfaces, you risk spreading the contamination to yourself and others. The most common example of this would be raw chicken juices spreading salmonella. You should always disinfect your workspace, clean your food, replace sponges, and never re-use cutlery or dishes that touch raw meat.

Bathroom Dangers and Safety Measures

Bathrooms often house hidden dangers that you might not expect. Be sure to look out for the following hazards:

  • Wet floors: Bathroom slip-and-fall accidents injure people frequently. You should utilize bathmats and non-slip rugs, and always dry the floor off after showering to ensure the person who goes in after you doesn’t slip. You can also try mounting a safety grip bar to the shower wall to prevent falls.
  • Sharp razors: Sharp objects, like razors, pose a similar threat to that of kitchen knives. Be sure to store all dangerous bathroom products in safe containers that children cannot reach.
  • Medications: Many people choose to store their prescription medications in the bathroom. You should keep all bottles locked behind a cabinet so children cannot access the drugs.
  • Hot water: Bathroom sink and shower water can sometimes heat to burning temperatures, depending on the power of your hot-water heater. Be sure to warn guests about the water’s heat, and wait for it to cool before touching it.

Improving Guests’ Safety With Florida Homeowners Insurance

You can prevent some hazardous conditions, though sometimes accidents still happen. The best way to keep your guests safe is by protecting them with homeowners insurance. Homeowners insurance policies can cover all of a guest’s medical bills and financial losses if an accident should happen on your property.

What Does Homeowners Insurance Cover?

Homeowners insurance with The Gordon Agency can include:

  • Home protection, which covers your physical property and house structure
  • Contents coverage, which protects all items within your house. If you are the victim of theft, contents coverage can also insure any stolen items.
  • Hurricane damage and windstorm insurance, which cover property or asset damage during a storm.
  • Liability insurance, which helps with medical costs for people injured on your property
  • Personal possession coverage, which insures items on your person, even when you’re not at the house

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