Would you believe it if someone told you that a car crashed into their home not once, not twice—but nine separate times? Homeowners insurance companies see bizarre claims all of the time, though some stand out from the rest.

At The Gordon Agency, we aim to help you learn about all of your coverage options. Read on as we discuss some of the most bizarre homeowners insurance claims.

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1. The At-Home Bowling Alley

What if you could save yourself a trip to the bowling alley and strike down some pins at home? One woman thought this was a great idea and decided to convert her hardwood floors into a bowling alley lane.

Her floors could not handle the bowling ball’s weight, and cracked as a result. She filed an insurance claim for the damage, arguing that the flooring material was faulty and not as hard as it should be. She failed to mention the bowling ball’s role in the cracking, though her insurance didn’t accept her claim anyway.

So what can you learn from this woman’s mistake? Damage that happens within your home because of your own actions does not constitute a valid claim.

2. Cats and Water Don’t Mix

Motion-detecting faucets are excellent for bustling offices, restaurants, and other business locations where people frequently need to wash their hands without touching germ-covered surfaces. Some people think installing such devices in their home is also a great idea, but they can actually create serious flood risks.

In this story, mischievous cats pawed their feet underneath the sensor to play with the faucet. The constant on-and-off flickering caused the tap to malfunction, flooding the entire bathroom. If a simple dish towel falls underneath the faucet’s head, the same can happen.

The biggest takeaway from this homeowner’s mistake is to stick with a traditional faucet or keep loose items away from the sensors.

3. The House With Nine Lives and the Best Homeowners Insurance

A car crashing into a home one time sounds odd enough, never mind nine times. A Canadian couple moved into their home over five decades ago, and they have since seen nine different vehicles wreck into the far side of the house.

The couple now states that they avoid going into that room entirely. The most recent crash was so powerful that it sent the homeowners’ freezer into the backyard. Due to the accidental nature of these events, the homeowners’ insurance company covered all crash damages.

While that coverage might sound excellent, you should remember that the couple’s payments probably go up after each accident. Homeowners insurance policy costs typically spike each time you have to file a claim.

4. Spring Break Gone Wrong

When you rent your home to a group of college kids, you might imagine returning to some dirty floors, overflowing cans, and maybe even a hole in the wall. Would you expect to find an entire beach right behind your front doors, with piles of sand and pools of water?

The homeowner in this claim wasn’t expecting it either. Luckily, their insurance company did cover the damages. When renting your property to anyone, you should practice extreme caution. Be sure to obtain their renting history, credit score, and a security deposit.

5. A Major Miscalculation

When you have bug problems in your home, attempting a do-it-yourself “bug bomb” rather than hiring a pest control professional is not always the best idea. In this scenario, the homeowner purchased cans of extermination fog to release in his home. He failed to calculate the number of cans needed for his property size.

The 3,000-square-foot home should have only needed three cans, though the homeowner decided to use 32. As soon as his refrigerator cycled on, the entire structure ignited and exploded.

Why Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Such Weird Scenarios?

Homeowners insurance does not cover all bizarre scenarios, though it covers many. Most Florida homeowners insurance claims deal with common things like burglar alarms going off or natural disasters, although sometimes you might find yourself in trickier situations.

Depending on the types of coverage in your plan, your insurance company will likely cover you for many odd scenarios that happen under your roof, especially if you have liability coverage. We can help you to determine the best homeowners insurance policy that fits your needs.

Protect Yourself From Crazy Accidents With Florida Homeowners Insurance from Our Team at The Gordon Agency

The bizarre cases described in this article prove that life is incredibly unpredictable! Homeowners insurance is the best way to protect your home and your valuable items. Call us at The Gordon Agency today at (561) 988-3330 or contact us online to receive a quote for your Boca Raton, FL, home!

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