When operating a business in Florida, having the right insurance policies is crucial to protecting your investment. The Sunshine State is particularly vulnerable to natural disasters, such as hurricanes, tropical storms, and floods, which can cause significant disruptions to businesses.

While property and liability insurance policies are essential, many business owners overlook the importance of business interruption insurance, also known as business income insurance. This type of insurance can help replace lost income in the event of a covered disaster, allowing your business to recover more effectively.

In this blog, we’ll answer the question, “How does business interruption insurance work,” including what business interruption insurance covers, what it doesn’t cover, and how to determine the right coverage for your business.

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Why Business Interruption Insurance Matters

In the aftermath of a catastrophic event like a fire or natural disaster, property insurance can cover losses related to equipment, furniture, and other assets. However, this coverage doesn’t help when your business is unable to operate for an extended period, leading to lost income.

Business interruption insurance replaces lost revenue when a covered event disrupts your business. It can be added to your property and casualty policy or included in your comprehensive policy package as a rider or add-on.

Coverage Explained

Business interruption insurance replaces your income if your business operations are disrupted due to a direct physical loss or property damage. For instance, if a fire or covered natural disaster damages your building or inventory, your business interruption insurance will kick in after a typical waiting period of 48 to 72 hours.

However, coverage may also vary depending on provider and policy, so it’s essential to review each policy’s specific terms and conditions. It’s important to note that standard policies don’t offer reimbursement for any business interruption losses or closures due to pandemics like COVID-19.

When choosing a plan, ensure the policy limits are high enough to cover expenses beyond just a few days. Business owners often underestimate the time required to get their operations back up and running.

Business interruption insurance policies include a “restoration period,” which is the length of time that your policy pays for lost income and extra expenses while your business is being rebuilt.

Standard business interruption policy policies usually limit this period to 30 days, but you can extend it up to 360 days through an added endorsement.

What Business Interruption Insurance Covers

Business interruption insurance works in conjunction with your commercial property insurance. For instance, if your business suffers a fire, your commercial property insurance would cover the physical damages, and the business interruption insurance would cover the lost net income.

In addition, business interruption insurance helps with the following:

  • Coverage for fixed costs such as rent, mortgage payments, and taxes
  • Temporary relocation expenses, including moving and operating costs
  • Retraining costs for employees on new equipment or processes
  • Extra expenses like temporary office equipment, generators, or overtime wages
  • Wages to retain valuable employees during a shutdown

What Business Interruption Insurance Doesn’t Cover

  • Glass or other breakage, even if caused by a covered event
  • Damage from floods, hurricanes, or earthquakes without separate policies (specific insurance policies, such as flood insurance, can cover these types of damages)
  • Undocumented income not reflected in company financial records
  • Variable costs like utilities
  • Pandemics, viruses, or communicable diseases
  • Losses resulting from intentional or fraudulent acts by the business owner or employees
  • Acts of war, terrorism, or civil unrest
  • Strikes, labor disputes, or work-related disruptions
  • Supply chain disruptions unless contingent business interruption coverage is in place

Remember, each business interruption insurance policy can have different coverages and exclusions. Always consult with your business insurance specialist to ensure you understand the specific details of your business interruption policy.

Assessing Your Business Needs

To determine the appropriate coverage for your business, begin by analyzing your financial records and projecting potential losses during a prolonged business interruption.

Consider factors such as seasonal fluctuations in revenue, employee wages, the likelihood of natural disasters in your area, relocation costs, and the time needed to rebuild or recover. For example, consider how a one-month closure due to a hurricane could impact your revenue, especially if it coincides with your peak season.

Working with Business Insurance Specialists

Consult with experienced insurance professionals who specialize in commercial insurance policies. They can help you navigate the complexities of business interruption insurance and ensure you have the right coverage for your unique situation.

Your insurance specialist can also assist in customizing your policy to include endorsements or riders that specifically address the risks your business faces.

It is also important to remember that after major property damage, it can be an extended period before you can get your business back up and running. This is where filling out a business income worksheet is helpful.

A business income worksheet is a form used to estimate the yearly income from your business. The worksheet will be instrumental in helping determine the proper amount of coverage needed for your business to survive a temporary closure due to physical damage. This amount is then used to help determine the amount of coverage you should purchase.

Endorsements and Additional Options

Insurance companies may offer endorsements and additional options to their standard business interruption coverage. Discuss these with your business insurance specialist or broker to see how much coverage and if your business could benefit from the following:

  • Contingent/Dependent Business Interruption Coverage
  • Extended Business Interruption Coverage
  • Civil Authority Coverage
  • Extra Expense Coverage
  • Service Interruption Coverage
  • Electronic Vandalism Coverage

Regularly Review and Update Your Coverage

As your business grows and evolves, your insurance needs may also change. Regularly reviewing and updating your business interruption insurance coverage ensures that you are adequately protected in the face of new challenges or unforeseen events.

At The Gordon Agency, we recommend that our clients conduct an annual review of their insurance portfolio, making adjustments as necessary to keep their business secure.

How Much Does Business Interruption Insurance Cost?

The cost of business interruption insurance varies depending on several factors, such as your business’s size, industry, location, and the amount of coverage you need. Premiums can also be influenced by your business’s risk exposure, financial stability, and claims history.

For example, a small retail store in a low-risk area might pay a few hundred dollars per year for business interruption insurance, while a large manufacturing facility in a high-risk area could pay thousands of dollars annually for a similar policy.

It’s essential to work with a knowledgeable commercial insurance agent to determine the appropriate coverage and cost for your specific business needs.

Final Thoughts

Operating a business in Florida comes with its share of challenges and risks, but having comprehensive insurance coverage can provide peace of mind and security. Business interruption insurance, when combined with other essential policies, helps ensure that your business can recover from unexpected events and continue to thrive.

By understanding the ins and outs of business interruption insurance, working with a knowledgeable business insurance specialist, and regularly reviewing your coverage, you can protect your investment and safeguard your company’s future.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is business interruption insurance required by law in Florida?

Business interruption insurance is not mandatory in Florida. However, it is highly recommended that businesses protect their income during unexpected closures due to covered events, such as natural disasters or fires.

Q: How can I ensure I have adequate business interruption insurance?

Consult your commercial insurance agent to ensure your policy limits are sufficient, and estimate your business’s future profits using gross earnings and projections. Your insurance agent may also help you complete a business income worksheet to estimate your yearly business income coverage and determine the appropriate coverage amount.

Q: How often should I review my coverage?

A: It is a good practice to review your coverage annually or whenever there are significant changes in your business operations, such as expansion or relocation. This ensures that your policy remains up-to-date and provides adequate protection.

Q: What role do accurate records play in business interruption insurance?

A: Maintaining accurate financial records is crucial for receiving the maximum benefits from your business interruption insurance. Documenting your business’s prior years’ income, profits, utility records, loan and lease payments, and other relevant expenses will help determine the coverage amount and benefits you receive during an unexpected closure.

Q: Can I add business interruption insurance to my existing business insurance policy?

A: Many insurance companies allow you to add business interruption insurance as an endorsement to your existing business insurance policy. Discuss your options with your business insurance specialist to ensure seamless integration.

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