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April 15, 2018

Do You Text While Driving? The Dangers of Texting While Driving

Young beautiful woman texting on a cell phone and waiting in the city traffic

Do You Text While Driving?

Texting while driving increases your risk of crashing by NINE times!

Preliminary estimates for 2018 show an alarming increase in fatalities due to drivers being distracted. 78% of distracted drivers are distracted because they are texting while driving. We have not seen such a significant increase in traffic deaths since 1966!

Our Obsession With Mobile Devices

Mobile devices are trendy, accessible, and convenient for communication. Staying connected at all times has never been easier. These same devices can be dangerous when used while driving. People know the dangers of texting while driving, but still, continue to choose to pick up their phone and write or reply to a text. Over one million crashes occur each year by people who are texting while driving. These numbers illustrate the dangers of this practice, and they are startling. Next time you want to read or reply to a text, remember, it can wait.

The Startling Statistics of Texting While Driving

  • In 2015, over 45,000 distracted driving accidents occurred in Florida.
  • There are over 39,000 injuries reported with more than  200 FATALITIES in Florida.
  • One out of every four crashes is caused by texting while driving.
  • Texting while driving is nine times more likely to cause a crash than drunk driving.
  • Answering a text takes your eyes off the road for about five seconds which at 55 mph, that’s like driving the length of a football field.
  • Texting is the most dangerous cell phone related activity you can engage in while driving.  
  • 94% of drivers support a ban on texting.
  • 74% of drivers support a ban on hand-held cell phone use.

Teen Driver Statistics

Teen drivers bring an even more sinister side to this alarming trend of texting while driving. It is essential to have serious talks with your teen about the dangers of texting while driving. Set an example for your teens by not texting while driving. Expect them to do as you do, not do as you say. Establish clear rules for your teen that involve the phone being placed in a compartment in the car while driving or insist they turn on their distracted driving app every time they are behind the wheel of a vehicle.  

  • In the US, Texting while driving causes 11 teens to die each day.
  • According to an AAA distracted while driving study, 94% of teens are aware of the dangers associated with texting while driving. However, 34% of them admit to texting while driving anyway.
  • Being distracted by their cell phones causes 21% of teens to be involved in a fatal accident.
  • Teen drivers are 4x more likely to be involved in a crash when texting or talking on their phone than their adult counterparts.

Pledge to End Texting While Driving

The Gordon Agency is committed to finding ways to end distracted driving. They want you to know that texting while driving is a dangerous combination to be avoided. Your teen drivers and you must pledge to abstain from texting while driving. Driving a motorized vehicle is a privilege. Anyone who does not sign and follows this pledge should be prohibited from operating any motorized vehicle.

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